My Top ten most favourite legendary Pokemon

10.darkrai it has amazing base stats and is really epic in the anime its epic and its gameplay use is quite often I could’ve easily put Cressila but darkrai is my fave out of the duo.

9.kyrem it has one of the most amazing move pulls I’ve ever seen it holds up pretty well in battle and I’ve always liked kyrem more then it’s two other forms.

8.palkia he literally controls space I could’ve picked dialga but palkia always stood out to me more and he has a pretty good move set with great base stats and he has the move special rend.

7.Giritina in the anime he always interested me his origin form is really cool the reverse world looks awesome and he’s my favourite of the creation trio he can pull his way in battle pretty well with moves like shadow force he has very little weaknesses and base stats aren’t too bad either.

6.Yeveltal his design is amazing his use in battle is almost always and he is capable of destroying the world and his move set is scary.

5.ho oh the first legendary ash sees a powerful bird as his move set is mostly made of fire attacks he has little to no weakness he’s good in competitive battle and is one of the mascot Pokemon for its appearance.

4.Meloeta/pirouette this legendary is so underrated though it’s so great its role in the anime was memorable pirouette was a powerful Pokemon in Oras and its move set is pretty good its only down side is its typing though pirouette could be one of the faster fighting types.

3.groudon he’s powerful alright he’s a global threat just by being conscious his power his primal form makes him that much more stronger.

2.Kyogre he’s sleek,powerful and he’s deadly his primal form is one of my favourite mega/primal form his performance in the anime was amazing his base stats are over average for a legendary and he’s my favourite water type.

1. Rayquaza he is amazing his serpent look his amazing role in the anime what’s not to love he made Deoxys run for his life he stops battles between Kyogre and Groudon in Oras he’s Oftenly used and his move dragon ascent is a very rare dragon move he is my favourite legendary.



Pokemon sun and moon review

The confirmed Pokemon sun and moon Pokemon starters are litten,popplio and Rowlett and the confirmed legendary are Solgaleo and lunala.

There are many rumours about the allola region is related to real world islands and there have been various Easter eggs about a remake of Pokemon diamond and pearl.

The new game is said to be much more detail and you can design your character and there’s all new sidekicks and professors and new challenges anyway thease are the types for the pokemons.